A question about a recipe: Hot Spiced Drunken Apple Cider

I have a question about the ingredient "1 vanilla bean split lengthwise" on the recipe "Hot Spiced Drunken Apple Cider " from Cordelia.
If I can't get a vanilla bean, can I use vanilla extract? If so, how much?

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1 Comment

Hilarybee December 17, 2011
I think you could. This is a hot, alcoholic beverage. I think it won't contain the vanilla seeds, so the look will be altered a bit. I think the big difference is that heating the vanilla bead seeds & pod lends more flavor, since the beverage is heated and served. The pod has more contact with the mixture and will lend more flavor to the mix.

Extract can be tricky. Make sure you are using pure extract and add it toward the end of the recipe, so it doesn't cook off.
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