A question about a recipe: Happy Accident Minestrone

I have a question about the ingredient "overcooked kidney beans" on the recipe "Happy Accident Minestrone" from aargersi.

Happy Accident Minestrone
Recipe question for: Happy Accident Minestrone


aargersi December 18, 2011
You are correct Dr Babs! I cooked those poor beans to death in my pressure cooker which made them perfect for thickening soup ... mashing canned beans will work just fine.
drbabs December 18, 2011
Oh that aargersi! She is such a riot! She says in her headnote that she wanted to use fresh beans and accidentally overcooked them by both soaking them and cooking them in a pressure cooker. (I would assume that meant they were the consistency of mush.) She also says that you can overcook your canned beans--I think that means you want them mushy so they act as a thickener.

But here's the thing--you could probably just mush up a can of beans and it would be fine.
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