How do I keep my leftover brown sugar from turning into a brown sugar brick?



KirstenS December 19, 2011
I have long used the terra cotta pieces (I soak them in water overnight first), but the mouth of my new storage jar is too small. A friend suggested covering the exposed top surface with a double layer of paper towels (it should be touching as much as possible) and that seems to be doing the trick!
the P. December 19, 2011
mine keeps just fine in a double ziploc in the fridge.
the P. December 19, 2011
mine keeps just fine in a double ziploc in the fridge.
Food O. December 18, 2011
I agree with amysara. Seal it and freeze.
beyondcelery December 18, 2011
Or if you don't want to buy the expensive clay pieces at Sur La Table, and you have access to a kiln, you can use a fired, unglazed piece of pottery. I made one for my mom years ago when I took a pottery class in school. She still uses it and it's still working!
amysarah December 18, 2011
Seal it well and store in the freezer. Stays fresh for a long time.
sdebrango December 18, 2011
I triple bag it, careful that its sealed well with no air in the bags. If I do that it stays soft for a long time. I fold the bag the sugar is in over squeeze out the air, place it in a ziplock bag, sqeeze out the air and seal it, then place it in another ziplock bag and seal. Thats the only way I have found to keep it soft and fresh. Overkill, maybe but my brown sugar keeps well. Hope this helps.
TAL December 18, 2011
I put a whole walnut in the shell in my bag! Works great for me. You can also buy these terra cotta pieces ( often in the shape of bears or flowers) from stores like Sur La Table that work, too!
AWAW December 18, 2011
I don't know the answer to that, however I have found using a cheese grater is a good way to defeat that brick and not waste the brown sugar!
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