What size turkey breast should I get for 10 people

  • Posted by: Bill F
  • December 19, 2011


Sam February 26, 2019
Well I feel 3/4 is a good medium. I always go with a one pound each. My men can, and do go up to a lb between dinner and picking. But my ladies and kids are lucky to hit a half pound. Weight concous, this usually give me enough for lunch sandwiches but not so much to have to have it ten days. You know you can freeze cooked turkey and have it a month later with stove top dressing and gravy.
Ryan C. November 20, 2018
I see two votes for half a pound (8oz) per person and one for 1 pound. I think the answer is right in between. 3/4 pound per person to ensure there are some leftovers and account for the waste and bones.
Stewart F. December 2, 2018
The 8 oz. is for turkey breast only. The 1 lb is for the whole bird. In my experience as a chef 8 oz. is generous for just breast providing a bit left over.

Cindy L. November 19, 2017
I usually figure 1 lb per guest, so I'd go with a 12-13 pound bird...have to take in to concideration the waste and bones. Happy Thanksgiving!
bigpan December 19, 2011
8 oz per person but you always want some leftovers so err on getting more instead of less. Breast dries easily so I would rub in olive oil and bake skin up. I have been successful at poking with a fork and poaching in chicken broth to re- introduce moisture.
Amanda H. December 19, 2011
General rule of thumb is half a pound per person (usually means some leftovers, too).
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