Where can I buy duck fat?

  • Posted by: Verdery
  • December 20, 2011


Susan W. July 23, 2014
I buy all of my fats from Fatworks here in Portland, Oregon. All of their fats are from pastured animals. They have leaf lard, pork fat, beef tallow and duck fat. Great little company started by a couple of really nice guys.
Brady K. July 23, 2014
My local Whole Foods (I live in Southern California, though I know it's in many Northern CA ones as well), carries sustainable, humane, duck fat. You can find it next to the duck in the meat section.
Marko July 23, 2014
The direct link for Duck Fat from Hudson Valley is: http://www.hudsonvalleyfoiegras.com/index.php/online-store/view-all/duck-fat-1.html
em-i-lis April 12, 2012
whole foods sometimes has it!
duckchef April 12, 2012
The best place to buy pure rendered duck fat is www.farmfreshduck.com and they include free shipping. The fat comes from USDA certified All-Natural Pekin Ducks and they actually the source for supply to fancy gourmet labels.
jelly December 20, 2011
Sur la table has it
jmburns December 20, 2011
Williams Sonoma has it
Sam1148 December 20, 2011
You can mail order it from Hudson Valley Foiegras

The shipping is expensive tho, but if you boost the order up with a few duck leg confit, and duck breasts it becomes reasonable as the package size is the same.

William Sonoma, also sells duck fat in jars for about 10 dollars.
mrslarkin December 20, 2011
My local supermarket carries the D'Artagnan brand. It's in the poultry case, and comes in a plastic tub. Check your local market. They may have it. You can also order it: http://www.dartagnan.com/51465/731861/Duck-Fat--Demi--Glace/Duck-Fat.html
Lexmccall December 20, 2011
Depends on where you live--there's an Italian market near me that sometimes carries it. I would try gourmet markets, or butchers.
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