A question about a recipe: Seriously Simple Apple Tart with Hot Buttered Rum Raisin Sauce

I plan to make this tonight (as in, when I leave the office in about 3 hours) for a holiday potluck, but do not wish to use rum or any other alcohol in the sauce, due to a religious-based preference of my hosts. How should I adapt the recipe? Thanks so much. ;o)



ALittleZaftig December 21, 2011
I was hosting a party yesterday and missed your question. Sorry I didn't get a reply you you. The suggestions posted were wonderful. I would have just substituted vanilla extract. Hope you enjoyed the tart.
sdebrango December 20, 2011
Angela's advice sounds great, you could also make a spiced cider and use that instead of the rum.
Angela @. December 20, 2011
You probably want to hear from the recipe writer but just in case you don't ... brew a cup of Constant Comment or other cinnamon spice tea, add a pinch of sugar and a drop of vanilla and use it in place of spiced rum.
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