Am planning a vegetarian dinner party, with Butternut Squash & Roasted Garlic Galette as the main dish. What else should I serve? (Read on.)

I'm thinking the Not-Too-Virtuous Salad with Caramelized Apple Dressing would go well. And I'm thinking that a light soup (something I can make ahead, of course) would be nice to start. And of course, there's dessert. Your suggestions? No bell pepper, chiles, paprika or chickpeas, please. Thanks so much! ;o)
Here's a link to the galette:



Sadassa_Ulna December 4, 2011
For adding extra protein I would make side dishes that include nuts, beans, and seeds as well as egg, cheese, even yogurt.
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How abut making dal shorba, light soup from dal or rassam. Brocoli-almond soup, carrot -corriander soup.., lemon-corriander soup.

For dessert, try making fig pudding or Gulab Jamuns.
linzarella November 30, 2011
How about a watercress soup? WIth all the sweet, rich flavors, I think that would go very well. Maybe garnished with some crispy fried garlic. Plus, watercress and apple go nicely together, so it would complement your salad very well.
cookinginvictoria November 30, 2011
What do you think about tastefood's Roasted Beet Soup with Blood Oranges and Ginger topped with Orange Creme Fraiche? Recipe calls for blood oranges, which I am not seeing in my markets yet, but I am sure that you could sub mandarins or clementines instead.

drbabs November 30, 2011
AJ, have you made the galette before? I ask this because I recently made it for dinner for my husband and me with a salad and it just wasn't very much food. I think it works better as a first course than a main, unless you are making a bunch of them or you really load up on the cheese.
pierino November 30, 2011
Oy vay! How about a nice matzoh ball soup with one big gut bomb matzoh per bowl. I work grated carrot and and pastina sized pasta into the (chicken) stock. I suppose you could use vegetable stock. The matzohs do require eggs if that's not going to freak out the vegetarians. The vegan to vegitarian spectrum is too strange for me to sort out. Perhaps becase I'm an omnivore.
aargersi November 30, 2011
My sisters are both veg-heads and always look for great salads. One thing I do is grill greens with salt and oilve oil (endive, radicchio, romaine hearts) then toss that with balsamic vinegar and a nice creamy blue cheese, and serve it warm. We all go bonkers for that. Are your vegetarians OK with eggs? That will affect which dessert you choose.
Sam1148 November 30, 2011
Try this cauliflower couscous.

use as a base like you would couscous, with a Tagine of veggies spices in middle eastern style, for a topping.
While that might be more a main could pare it down to a side dish. Prehaps using the 'couscous' cauliflower to make a spinach based faux tabouleh salad, subing the cauliflower for Bulgar wheat, and using greek salad additions, such as pepperchini, feta cheese, greek dressing, and olives and mint if you wish.

If you do the 'couscous' for a salad..don't cook it long or not at all...just a quick warming with turmeric and cumin is all that's needed for 'almost raw' application.
ATG117 November 29, 2011
I was going to say a crisp salad, dressed with a light vinaigrette, tossed with some toasted nuts, and whatever else you find at the market, with some shaved parmesan. You could also do a roasted beet, apple, and goat cheese salad (a little over used, I find lately, but always delicious). A galette, salad, and soup make for a perfect light lunch. A variety of cheeses for the table might be nice too. But back to the soup, I'd go with something like cauliflower, which would contrast nicely with the butternut squash. I wouldn't want things to be too squashy. As for sides, garlicky broccoli rabe would bring a nice contrast. roasted wild mushrooms with some olive oil and herbs. Or what about caramelized onions.?If there isn't a recipe for them on food 52, I know smitten Kitchen has one. Chocolate (raspberry) torte for dessert? Cranberry upside down cake?

PaulieG November 29, 2011
Maybe a lentil soup/or thiciker w/ butternut also (in smaller pieces) or do think that would be too much butternut? Fresh Roti and Cucumber Raita. End the meal with some Indian sweets like Burfi (I'm partial to pistachio!)
susan G. November 29, 2011
Consider a miso soup -- maybe with thinly sliced greens and matchsticks of tofu. --several of these look like a good starting place, just some tweaking to extend the concept.
And your slaw or another one brought up in that ongoing Hotline question would make another nice contrast, with vegetables that didn't make it to the Thanksgiving table.
Both the soup and slaw offer digestive aids that are very tasty.
Stacy A. November 29, 2011
I would go with shaved asparagus, gently steamed with lemon zest.
sdebrango November 29, 2011
How about Amanda's Butternut squash and cider soup
The galette is so good we had at the food52 potluck, so delicious.
sdebrango November 29, 2011
I think PaulieG is on the right track have to think about possible overkill on the butternut.
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