Does anyone have a good savory recipe using pumpkin oil? A wonderful pantry item from Styria.



hardlikearmour December 21, 2011

Also try it sprinkled on a bed of shaved radishes with a smattering of herbs or microgreens.
Lilli,Weisz December 21, 2011
Sounds delicious! Where can I buy some?
Amanda H. December 21, 2011
Here's a source for roasted butternut squash seed oil:
utchimama December 21, 2011
I drizzled them on pumpkin sage ravioli;)
Amanda H. December 21, 2011
I use it as finishing touch -- I particularly love it on hearty salads made with spicy greens (like arugula), toasted nuts, and shavings of a hard cheese like pecorino romano. Use it sparingly as it's strong. So with a salad, you should make the main dressing with a mild olive or vegetable oil, and then sprinkle some of the pumpkin seed oil over top almost as a garnish.
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