In search of pumpkin cake recipe?

I've been looking for a lovely, moist pumpkin cake that isn't drowned in oil. I know oil makes it moister but there has to be another way!

  • Posted by: KatyM
  • October 11, 2012


drbabs October 12, 2012
This one is fabulous--but took a lot longer to bake in my crazy oven.
Sam1148 October 12, 2012
You know what..and some might disagree...canned pumpkin filling is superior to DIY pumpkin recipes for pies and cakes.

ChefOno October 12, 2012

I agree. They use the best pumpkins, consistency is consistent and, above all, it's less stringy.

ATG117 October 12, 2012
also, here's the pumpkin link from the features section the other day:
ChefOno October 12, 2012

Of course there's a better way. Oil doesn't add flavor but butter does. Pumpkin + butter + brown sugar + whatever spices suit your fancy = cake worth eating.

ATG117 October 12, 2012
I would try subbing unsweetened applesauce for all of some of the oil. I actually think it would work quite well here. Mashed banana may be another substitute. Also, if you just wanted the cake less oily but didn't mind having the oil in there to an extent, I'd say just cut back on some of the oil.
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