how can you make gluten free pasta softer? mine always turn out hard and dry...

  • Posted by: pulliam
  • December 22, 2011


LCohen January 6, 2012
This is the best gf pasta recipe I've found. It's easy and we make it at least every other week. Not sticky or too hard.
pulliam December 24, 2011
I re-read my post and realize I didn't articulate well! yep, I'm making it from scratch :)
susan G. December 22, 2011
I have had the opposite problem -- they get too soft and fall apart. And on the other hand, the Asian rice vermicelli I have has a lot of 'bounce.' The best results I've had are from Quinoa Pagodas.
Do you have hard water? That could make a difference. See if the pasta you use comes from a company with a phone contact or web link so you could ask them (and let us know).
susan G. December 22, 2011
I just read your answer -- are you making the pasta?
pulliam December 22, 2011
it was made with a blend of sweet rice flour, white rice flour and almond meal.
Anitalectric December 22, 2011
What, specifically, is the pasta made of? Rice? Corn? A blend of flours?

This will help to answer your question.
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