Is buckwheat actually wheat, ot is it it's own grain

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susan G. December 23, 2011
If you want to go farther in this, here's a search page with lots of interesting leads --
SKK December 23, 2011
Thank you Susan G!
susan G. December 22, 2011
...and related to rhubarb!
beyondcelery December 22, 2011
Really? Wow, that's so cool!
SKK December 22, 2011
Wow - how cool is that!
beyondcelery December 22, 2011
Buckwheat is actually not a grain at all, but a seed. It's completely unrelated to wheat, despite the name. More info here:
It's quite safe for gluten-free diets, as well as delicious and nutritious!
SKK December 22, 2011
Thanks for that distinction, Syronai!
SKK December 22, 2011
Buckwheat is its own grain, and is gluten free. It is not wheat.
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