Need a good Oyster Dressing recipe for Christmas Dinner with the inlaws!

My father in law has requested oyster dressing. Anyone make this as a side and have a recipe recommendation? I've never had nor made it...but I've promised to bring it for him anyway.



MartyTae December 23, 2011
There is a great and easy one in Bon Appetit magazine. Should be able to find the recipe online at their site.
drbabs December 23, 2011
Here's one from The Pioneer Woman's blog that doesn't have cajun seasoning:

And here's one from Emeril Lagasse that does:
(per the comments, watch the amount of liquid.)

Kristen M. December 23, 2011
You might try Paul Prudhomme, if Cajun flavors would work. I had his oyster dressing in a turducken I made with my family and remember liking it -- but there were lots of other, um, confounding stuffings and birds. For non-Cajun flavors, I think MrsWheelbarrow mentioned putting oysters in her "What We Call Stuffing" recipe on FOOD52 as a variation. Good luck!
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