My ? is for "ANN SERANNE'S RIB ROAST" recipe---my roast is 13.5 lbs/6 ribs---would 2 hours be enough time or should I extend it?? Thanks :)



Kristen M. December 23, 2011
Yes, as long as they have some room to breathe! If you have a big enough roasting pan not to crowd them, you may even be able to roast them in the same pan.
bamcnamara December 23, 2011
OK! Can I put them in the same oven? I was going to cook both in my smaller single oven (Dacour)! Thank you for any imput---my butcher is instisting 20 min per lb for medium rare but I'd like to use Anne's recipe.
Kristen M. December 23, 2011
Actually, your best bet is probably to cut the rack in half and roast them at the same time, following the timing in the chart for 3 ribs. Otherwise the big rack may not cook evenly. Check out this thread for more info:
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