Short Rib Question #2: I'm making the Dan Barber short ribs recipe tonight and time is running a bit short. The recipe calls for them to be in the oven for 4 (or more) hours at 225.

I know when it comes to short ribs low and slow is the name of the game, but is there any way to speed the process up a bit? Maybe 3 hours at 275?

  • Posted by: Peter
  • January 29, 2011


Sam1148 January 29, 2011
It's all going to depend on the fat content of the ribs, the thickness and toughness of the meat.

Sometimes, something 'magical' occurs when cooking ribs and they go from tough to tender in a just a bit of time at the last part of cooking. Hitting them with a higher heat at first (even 400 for 10 mins) and then backing down to 250 for the long run would be a plan to shorten time. Of course that depends on if you used sugar based sauce on them at first--as it could burn at higher heat, unless you wrapped in foil.

phyllis January 29, 2011
I made these the other day for tonight and cooked them at 250 for 3.5 hours. They were fine. Don't skimp on reducing the sauce; it makes a huge difference.
prettyPeas January 29, 2011
Yes--this works. I usually cook these at 275 and ribs were definitely tender.
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