Can I substitute another flour (ie: pastry flour etc) for bread flour? I can't find bread flour anywhere

  • Posted by: Hunksee
  • December 24, 2011


Queen O. December 25, 2011
I agree with what's been said. One addition for clarlity: all purpose flour (AP or a/p) is a better sub for something with yeast that needs to develop gluten than a pastry flour would be. Pastry flours as noted by boulangere have let protein and it's harder to develop the gluten to hold the rise.
boulangere December 25, 2011
King Arthur's AP flour is closer in protein content to bread flour than AP, which probably accounts for the slight difference between it and true bread flour. To calculate the protein percentage of any flour, divide the protein content per serving (about halfway down the nutrition label) by the number of grams per serving ( at the top of the label). +/- 12% indicates bread flour; around 10% indicates AP flour; 9-7% indicates pastry to cake flour. Happy cinnamon rolls!
petitbleu December 24, 2011
I never use bread flour anymore because I use an all-purpose flour with a higher protein content. Chances are, if you buy a non-Southern all-purpose flour (King Arthur is a good one), you can use it instead of bread flour. I won't say that there's no difference in bread flour and all-purpose, but I've found the difference negligable considering the final results.
Steve O. December 24, 2011
About the only thing I'd substitute it with is AP-all purpose flour.
boulangere December 24, 2011
I never use bread flour for cinnamon rolls, but rather 2/3 AP flour to 1/3 cake flour. That yields a gentle, tender dough that's perfect for something soft such as cinnamon rolls.
susan G. December 24, 2011
Bread flour is recommended for yeast bread because its higher gluten content means that the rising yeast will have stronger cells for rising. The mix should be good -- just adjust to your recipe.
The S. December 24, 2011
Not sure what the recipe is--which would affect my answer--but a high protein AP flour like King Arthur's would probably work. i would not use a pastry flour though.
Merrill S. December 24, 2011
What is the recipe you need it for?
Hunksee December 24, 2011
Cinnamon rolls. I found a bread mix from bobs so I hope that works.
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