Scallop recipe?

I have beautiful scallops I want to sear, but I'd like some kind of sauce, purée, or accompaniment... Suggestions?



SXNW December 26, 2011
Wrap them in prosciutto, let them sit in a mixture of white wine, olive oil, dijon mustard, lemon rind and then grill it! So tasty! From the webber book of grilling.
Sam1148 December 25, 2011
These are amazing.

Really good. The sauce is fantastic. And just yesterday I saw the big bulb type spring onions at the supermarket. You can sub leeks instead tho.
I'd use clarified butter to sear the scallops and put more attention to the sauce.
Asparagus is a nice dish and the sauce works well those as well for plating.
For the crème fraiche..make some yourself, with either a touch of sourcream, yogurt, or butter milk in warm cream and let it sit over night, until slightly thicken.

I really love this's so colorful and tasteful. IMHO one of the best food52 recipes ever.

amysarah December 25, 2011
If we're talking sea scallops (the big ones), I agree - a lightly flavored buerre blanc or pan reduction with white wine/vermouth is best - you don't want to mask the delicate flavor of the sweet caramelized scallops. Just make sure they're very dry when you sear them, and don't be afraid of a very hot pan.

For smaller (bay) scallops that don't sear as well, a creamy sauce with mushrooms, shallots, white wine, a little gruyere and bread crumbs on top is classic/retro and delicious (aka Coquilles Saint Jacques.) My mom used to gratinee them under the broiler in big kitschy scallop shells...because Pierre Franey said to, and he knew a thing or two.
Flavor D. December 25, 2011
I agree with bigpan - the sweet delicate taste of a good scallop finished with some white wine or vermouth can be the best alternative. Perhaps with some fresh parsley or chevil added to the grated lemon zest for a fresh finish.
bigpan December 25, 2011
Scallops are so tasty and delicate, I would sear in butter, remove, deglaze with a splash of white vermouth, add more butter and drizzle over the seared scallops with some lemon rind as garnish.
nutcakes December 25, 2011
Ellie Kreiger has a parsey drizzle that is dead simple but works beautifully with seared scallops and you can feel virtuous eating it. Shes serves it with succotash.
pierino December 25, 2011
Possibly a sauce mornay. That is simply bechamel (a mother sauce) with the addition of cheese. Gruyere would work. For plating I'd put the sauce on the bottom because the scallops are the star.
sdebrango December 25, 2011
This sounds really good
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