Good afternoon - I am about to freeze leftover butternut squash gnocchi dough..what do you think?



KitchenKim November 15, 2010
Thanks to everyone who responded! Although, I didn't read the responses until after I rolled the dough up in a log, covered in saren wrap and then in a freezer bag. Since I didn't create the gnocchi ahead of time, can I thaw it out, and then create the gnocchi?

BTW - The butternut squash gnocchi that I did make was delicious, especially served in the brown butter & sage!
sgreen13 November 15, 2010
Not a problem. One of our visiting chefs (I work for W.S.) talked to a class about how making the gnocchi ahead and sticking them in the freezer is a great time saver. Same for ravioli.
innoabrd November 15, 2010
Yes, freeze on a tray so they don't stick, then vacuum seal them. The Ziploc sous vide bags are a good alternative to buying a vacuum machine.
aargersi November 14, 2010
I have successfully frozen them - vaccuum sealed ....
mrslarkin November 14, 2010
Uncooked gnocchi will freeze well on a parchment lined cookie sheet. Sprinkle a little flour so they don't stick. Don't bunch them up. When frozen store in ziplok if u don't have a fancy shrink wrap thingy. Keeps a couple months I think.
Mr_Vittles November 14, 2010
I agree that you should roll them and cut them before freezing. Also, freeze them on a flat surface separately, or else they will clump together and you will have a big roll of dough again.
hardlikearmour November 14, 2010
I would make it into the gnocchi shapes, place them on a parchment lined baking tray and freeze them. Once frozen I'd portion them into freezer bags for longer term storage. I've done this with sweet potato gnocchi, and it's worked beautifully. You just boil them straight from the freezer.
Nora November 14, 2010
Why not? I'd give it a go.
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