Freeze butternut squash

Can't use the last butternut squash I have. Can I peel, cube and freeze for the next time I make soup?

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Susan October 21, 2015
I've had great success freezing roasted squash. I peel, whack into 1" (ish) cubes, toss with a little neutral oil, roast until nicely browned/approaching carmelized, cool, and freeze in 8 to 16 oz quantities. It's a wonderful convenience on winter weekday nights when I have an urge for winter squash risotto or pasta or soup. Those big, labor intensive first steps are already out of the way. I haven't tried puréeing the roasted squash for bread and pies, but I bet it would be delicious.
Food O. October 20, 2015
Perfect. That's what I was thinking but nice to know the professionals think so too.
inpatskitchen October 20, 2015
Yes I think you can. The Kitchn offers some guidelines:
Nancy October 20, 2015
another source on duration agrees. USDA, FDA, CDC contribute info & say raw squash can be frozen 10-12 mo.
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