What to do with 1 cup of leftover chocolae ganache?

Any suggestions for cookie recipes. I'm thinking I'd like to use it with a shortbread cookie. Any thoughts or recipes? Thanks.



Carebearcp December 26, 2011
it is great with sugar cookies. if you want to add some flavor, put some peppermint extract in it
boulangere December 26, 2011
Peppermint Truffles in a Mug!
Patty C. December 26, 2011
Hot chocolate?
sheredel December 26, 2011
over vanilla ice cream?
Esther P. December 26, 2011
There's a recipe for espresso bean shortbread kicking around on the Internet... I've made it a couple of times (probably Martha Stewart) you use a wooden spoon to get the line down the middle of the biscuit... two little bean shaped shortbreads filled with some chocolate ganache would be very tasty! I'd also consider an almond or coconut macaroon, or a fancy macaron!
SKK December 26, 2011
Send it to me!
BGibbons December 26, 2011
Warm it up (thin it if necessary) and voila! Fondue!
boulangere December 26, 2011
It freezes beautifully.
Stephanie G. December 26, 2011
make truffles!!!
SXNW December 26, 2011
Dip half of your cookie in it! Or make macaroons and use the ganache as filling.
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