leftover ganache

I made chocolate macaroons and happened to make a bit too much ganache.
what can I do with it? say, half a cup of it.

Tokyo bakephile


Tokyo B. May 1, 2012
Thank you every one who gave me suggestions:-) Now I have idea stock!!
Bevi May 1, 2012
Check out this recipe: http://www.food52.com/recipes/16048_chocolate_covered_pears_poached_in_mulled_wine

You can use your ganache for dipping the pears.
Rachel S. April 30, 2012
Form it into balls, roll in cocoa powder, and you've just made truffles!
m1800 April 30, 2012
Spread it over a pan of brownies!
ChefOno April 30, 2012

Or add it to a cup of coffee, drizzle it over ice cream or poached pears…
Tokyo B. May 1, 2012
Oh I absolutely adopt the idea of drizzling over poached pears!! Poires Belle Helene. Thank you!
boulangere April 30, 2012
It freezes beautifully, and also makes dynamite hot chocolate.
Tokyo B. May 1, 2012
Thank you, I firmly sealed and freezed for next occasion, and will pour some hot milk into the cup I used:-)
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