leftover ganache

I made chocolate macaroons and happened to make a bit too much ganache.
what can I do with it? say, half a cup of it.

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LeBec F. April 30, 2012
p.s. you can also use ganache (50/50 butter or cream, and chocolate) as a glaze to heat and pour over a cake, or dip cookies into, or pour over ice cream, or mix with milk for chocolate milk.
LeBec F. April 30, 2012
The fun thing about ganache is that it is so simple and so easy to play with. You can just divide up your 1/2 cup and add different elements to each of the mixtures. In addition to coating truffles, you can hide things inside them too- like a whole toasted hazelnut, or some yokan, or maccha mixed with butter and confectioners sugar...... And truffles or just the ganache- lasts a long time in the freezer if wrapped well in plastic wrap so ice crystals don't form on it.
Merrill S. April 30, 2012
Truffles! Chill the ganache until you can roll it in little balls, and then roll the balls in chopped nuts or cocoa powder before chilling completely. If your ganache is still quite soft, you could add some brandy or amaretto or something to flavor the truffles.
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