I got a Dansk paella pot for Christmas! Recipe suggestions? (Paella and otherwise)



Alice F. May 12, 2019
I just got one and have been searching for ideas. A crustless quiche certainly works. But need far more ideas than that one. The pan is gorgeous and If I were working on a gas stove I'd be playing around with wok techniques.
cranberry December 29, 2011
I too have a Dansk paella pan and I use it more for serving than for cooking. A quartet of roasted Cornish hens look lovely in it, as do lots of other foods. Things seem to look more dramatic in it when brought to the table.
PFP December 26, 2011
If that photo is of the pan you got, it really isn't a true paella pan and any authentic Spanish paella recipe will not work with it because it will be too deep for the rice to cook with the given amount of liquid in the given amount of time. True paella pans are very shallow and the paella cooks in a thin layer. HOWEVER, all is not lost. Look for some recipes such as arroz con pollo where the cooking time and amounts of ingredients and liquid will be different than paella and they should probably work in this type of pan.
susan G. December 26, 2011
I also have a Dansk paella pan, but it might be a different design. It's 13" across, 3" deep at the middle and only 1.5" deep at the edge. The shape of the bottom means that kitchen use is best on a gas cooktop where it can nestle in the center.
If wonder it it would be good for risotto, since that would take advantage of the large cooking surface and toplessness? Or Indian recipes which are cooked in a wok-like pan? (I'm looking at the Saag Paneer, at the right (at this time).)
Mlc1977 December 26, 2011
I use my calphalon paella pan for this CHICKEN AND BLACK BEANS WITH CHORIZO recipe from Emeril and love the way it comes out. I will recommend using fresh chorizo (personal preference) and about half the liquid that he calls for, otherwise it was just too soupy.
pierino December 26, 2011
That seems like a strange shape for a "paella" which tend to be broad and flat. I'm thinking you could use it for couscous as well. If you have a lid that completely covers it (it doesn't have to match) you could also use it for shellfish. Dansk items always have really attractive design but sometimes you have to rethink their function,
bigpan December 26, 2011
I use my paella only for paella (but that is "me") - but your paella can also be used for lasagna or virtually any casserole.
HeviCooks December 26, 2011
Thanks! Here is a picture of the pan. It's called a paella pan, any suggestions of other dishes to make in it?
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pierino December 26, 2011
I didn't know they made paella in Denmark, but anyway here's my recipe for a rather traditional paella http://food52.com/recipes/7244_the_sun_also_rises_paella. I prefer to cook paella outdoors in the true Spanish style but you can use a stove top or oven to approximate. The latter method is unlikely to give you that nice soccarat bottom.
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