Do you have to buy a pomegranate to get the seeds or can you just buy pomegranate seeds in the store?

  • Posted by: TrishaIM
  • December 26, 2011


cheryllk March 3, 2013
There was an excellent video on Food52 showing how to seed a pomegranate. Now I can't find it. All my searches return...nothing. Could someone send me a link to it?
petitbleu December 27, 2011
I've seen them (POM brand) in grocery stores, but I don't think the price hike is worth it. It's not that hard to get the seeds out yourself. Split the pomegranate in quarters, fill a bowl with water, submerge the pomegranate sections, and remove the seeds in the water. This prevents the bright pink juice from squirting everywhere, and the seeds sink, while the pulp floats to the surface. Really easy and will save money.
loubaby December 27, 2011
Sam's club has them also at the holiday time
ellenl December 27, 2011
Trader Joe's has them.
Steve O. December 27, 2011
You can buy the seeds individually quick frozen in a bucket or bag
awadek December 26, 2011
You can get a box of pomegranate seeds in certain markets. They're packed similarly to raspberries or blackberries and probably stored nearby.
bigpan December 26, 2011
My local Costco has seeds available this time of year. Also, check out any Persian deli. I still prefer to spend the time to break open the pomegranate and do it myself. Tips = wear an apron preferably not white ! Get a large bowl of water and hold the pieces of pomegranate under the cool water to de-seed with your fingers. The seeds sink to the bottom and the white pith floats to the top for easy separation. Any splatters of bright red on your counter top or cutting board can be easily removed with a quick spray of water with a bit of bleach in it. (I keep a sprayer for regular sanitizing my cutting board.)
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