Eating pomegranate seeds or not?

Long story short I bought a pomegranate a couple of months ago and kept it in the fridge with all good intentions. Finally, feeling guilty I cut it open last night and extracted the seeds. However, they weren't big juicy pods like I expected. They were hard seeds with just a little of the juice still inside. So #1 - did it get old and thus get more "seedy" over time (i.e., harden more)? And, #2 some people say you can suck on them and get the juice and swallow the hardened seed part as "roughage." What say ye food masters?

  • Posted by: CaryNC
  • March 29, 2011


MegB March 30, 2011
I'm a seed eater. No problems yet. :) I do soak it in a bowl of water first (after scoring the pomegranate) to make it easier to sort them out.
Panfusine March 29, 2011
They really are not worthwhile consuming as is, just remove, & dry them out. Powder it seeds & all & use for any North Indian dishes, they add a lovely sweet/sour note.
StacyG March 29, 2011
You can eat the entire seed but I don't. I have a tree that gives me quite a few fruits. I usually put the seeds in the blender with some water then strain the juice. The juice is good alone but great in iced tea, mixed with other sweeter juices or in mixed drinks.
Burnt O. March 29, 2011
Even better than submerging it in water? Just cut it in half and hold the cut side down in the palm of your hand, and hold your hand over a bowl. Whack the uncut side of the fruit with a wooden spoon and the seeds fall right out between your fingers into the bowl with very little pith. You could fill the bowl with a little water to let the arils sink and leftover pith float. Super easy.
SKK March 29, 2011
When pomegranates are on sale or in season, I buy a bunch and freeze the seeds for use in salads, juices and just plain eating. They are wonderful.
healthierkitchen March 29, 2011
CaryNC - next time you buy one, cut it open and then submerge the pieces in a bowl of water to pull out the arils. I saw this on some blog or another and it does make it easier. The little bits of yellow float up and the arils sink.
CaryNC March 29, 2011
Eating them now. Not very great but not horrible. Next time I won't be so intimated by the little sucker. But I am thinking the hard seeds can't be so great for my kidneys or colon so I will discard (eh hum, spit out) the seeds. Thank you!
Greenstuff March 29, 2011
What happened is that your pomegranate dried out. It's better than it rotting, as it's still edible if you want to eat it. But I agree with hardlikearmour, dried out pomegranate seeds aren't all that tasty.
hardlikearmour March 29, 2011
The best part of the pomegranate seed is the aril - seems like a waste to eat the seed and not get the lovely juicy bits. I'd probably just huck them, not worth the effort IMO.
clintonhillbilly March 29, 2011
You can eat the whole seed
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