Am looking for a spaghetti sauce or marinara recipe that uses salsa or salsa mix. Have you ever heard of such a recipe?

Linda Acree


Laura M. October 4, 2017
You may want to give the salsa a taste first. If there is a dominant lemon/lime flavor, that can get bitter when you cook it down.
702551 October 3, 2017
I have done this many times before over the years but I never used a recipe (admittedly, I'm not much of a recipe user to begin with).

I just cooked down the salsa (typically leftover) in a saucepan and tasted it to see if there were any adjustments that wanted to make.

Usually, there was little to be done, I was satisfied with the result for an impromptu pasta sauce.

It works fine for salsa that is no longer at its peak freshness, which is really the spirit of salsa anyhow.

Cooking down the salsa into sauce eliminates much of that fresh charm but if your goal is to put a hot pasta dish on your dinner table, it works in a pinch.

Good luck.
Nancy October 3, 2017
What are you going for? The tastes of salsa (cumin, cilantro et al) on pasta? Fresh or cooked? Other?
Like MMH, I'm interested to hear what your results are...
MMH October 2, 2017
Never but spaghetti sauce can be whatever you want so go for it and tell us ow it turned out!
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