What's a good alternative for kumquats which would be roasted next to a pork shoulder?

Cloves and mustard are the main spice components.

  • Posted by: carey
  • December 28, 2011


WeLike2Cook December 28, 2011
I believe the idea is to have an acidic ingredient to cut the fatty flavors of the pork. If no citrus is available (or preferred), you could roast the pork separately and then serve with a fresh tomato or even mango salsa.
everblessed December 28, 2011
Happily kumquats are in season right now. They have a super thin skin which makes them quite edible without the bitter pith taste of other citrus fruits. Maybe peeled and diced orange segments or tangerine/clementine segments (whole because they're so small) would be the best substitutes. Sounds like a fantastic recipe!
Ophelia December 28, 2011
small sour tangerines cut in half maybe? or just orange peel if you're not planning on eating it. Lemons cut into thinish slices and a little marmalade?
It really depends on whether the liquid from the kumquats is important. Are the kumquats used whole or cut? and are they used in a sauce to be eaten with the pork or are they discarded after cooking?
carey December 28, 2011
Thanks! Instructions are to serve the kumquats with the pan juices, roasted and carmalized... suppose the key here is the citrus, dunno how important the skin component is, that was the worry.
carey December 28, 2011
Oh and the kumquats are quartered.
boulangere December 28, 2011
Maybe a combination of orange, lemon, and lime, quartered.
carey December 28, 2011
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