Is it okay to substitute soy milk for regular milk when baking cookies?



KimW December 29, 2011
My son can't have dairy at all. So I substitutes soy milk in everything. But you need more fat. In baking I added a tablespoon of crisco for every cup of milk. I found this to be the best proportions for me.
boulangere December 28, 2011
Yes, but first of all, what cookies are you making? Soy milk contains virtually the same amount of protein as cow's milk, but less fat. That means that if you don't boost the fat a bit, your cookies (or cake, or whatever) won't be as tender. Fat has a tenderizing effect on protein. You have a couple of choices. First, you can increase the fat (butter, in other words) by perhaps 50%, or half as much more. Alternatively, boost the fat by 25%, and cut the flour half and half between cake flour and AP flour. Cake flour contains about 30% less protein than AP flour. And tenderness is certainly a quality you want in cookies. Hope this helps you. I'd love to know your results.
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