I have a pound of mixed seafood in the fridge.. mussels, shrimp, octopus, and clams. I was thinking paella, but I don't have a good recipe yet. Does anyone either have 1) a great paella recipe (simple or not, doesn't matter), or 2) a different idea for this mix? maybe a cold salad or something?



Lisa S. June 30, 2017
Can I put all of it in foil and season it
nessafox November 15, 2010
What about making a seafood stew? You could use a tomato based broth or a clam juice based broth. (I don't have any recipes on hand, though.)
pierino November 15, 2010
Here's my own paella recipe. http://www.food52.com/recipes/7244_the_sun_also_rises_paella I strongly encourage you to cook it on either an outdoor grill or if need be on a kitchen burner because the bottom crust should be slightly burnt. Also, you'll want those clams to go all operatic on you and open up like they are singing an aria. And be generous with the saffron.
innoabrd November 15, 2010
I often use that sort of seafood mix in thai-ish soups. Maybe a base of chicken stock made with a ton of ginger and coconut milk. Throw in some veggies, maybe some noodles. That's what I have for breakfast most days!

I think paella generally deserves a better quality seafood than what you get in those frozen mixes usually. With all that spice, the thai soup is very forgiving!
Mr_Vittles November 15, 2010
There was a challenge a few weeks ago that had paella as its subject so I am guessing you can check their first in regards to a recipe. Maybe try a mixed a mixed seafood grill for dinner. Just heat up your grill, cook everything, and eat it all up. Simple and delicious. Serve with some cold beers and plenty of lemon and lime wedges!
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