What do you do with Venison?

I am the happy recipient of some of my father's bounty this year. Stew meat, a neck roast, backstrap, steaks, sausages, ground meat, the heart and liver. Does anyone have any favorite recipes for venison? Especially for the heart, that I've never cooked before.

  • Posted by: NYNCtg
  • December 29, 2011


Homemadecornbread December 30, 2011
My favorite way to cook backstrap is to cut it into medallions (room temp) about 1/2 inch thick, rub with toasted sesame oil and grind some black pepper onto each one. Sprinkle about 2 tsp of coarse salt into the bottom of a cast iron skillet and heat it over high heat just til it's about to smoke. Sear the medallions for about 1 to 2 minutes per side - careful, it cooks quickly - rare is best. Remove to plates and top with a spot of butter or bleu cheese if you like but it's delicious plain, too. This technique can also be done with slices of neck roast or other cuts which don't have silverskin. We eat this often and love it!!
pierino December 29, 2011
Braised venison is great with either cherries or grapes. But I'd love to get my hands on that heart? Is it still beating? I'm not exactly sure what I would do with the heart but it would be interesting to work with. My head is spinning I'm kind of thinking tacos...but rad tacos.
NYNCtg December 30, 2011
The heart is in-fact frozen. But I am impatient to defrost it and do something. That is my prize this year as I have never done one before. The liver was frozen whole so I think I will cook a few slices and make a pate with the rest.
Sam1148 December 29, 2011
I'd bet the stew meat would work well in a middle eastern type "Tagine" recipe that normally calls for lamb.
Basically a stew with spices of ginger, cumin, allspice, cloves, cinnamon, garlic, turmeric, Paprika and preserved lemons, carrots and onions.
Served over couscous.
Preserved lemons very easy to make...basically quarter a couple of lemons and salt them very well with kosher salt. Pack in a jar..and turn as they start to juice out, let them sit a couple of weeks. Essential in a Tagine IMHO, and a great cold weather dish.
You can also make 'quick' versions by dicing the lemons and salting and sugaring them for a couple of hour.
NYNCtg December 30, 2011
Thanks, I had not thought to make the preserved lemons on my own but I will give it a go. Tagine sounds great.
David R. December 29, 2011
Venison chili is wonderful. Just substitute the venison for beef
aargersi December 29, 2011
NICE GIFT! With the backstrap - I like to cut in hunks, marinate in red wine, garlic, pepper - then pat it dry, skewer on rosemary sprigs, season with salt, pepper and olive oil. Grill it fast and hot so the outside sears and the inside stays medium rare. Helps to wrap the rosemary in foil so it doesn't burn completely up.

A milanesa treatment is good too (search milanesa here - I have an elk one out there from awhile back)

Ground meat - use it like VERY lean beef, like when I make chili or patties I typically will add in fat - olive oil or whichever fat suits your flavor profile. I am perfecting a chili gumbo recipe that would br GREAT with venison and duck fat!!!!
NYNCtg December 30, 2011
I will be trying your milanesa recipe, it looks great. Thanks. The grilled kabobs sound good too.
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