Venison chops

I've had two venison chops in my freezer for awhile now and I figure I should probably use them. I have next to no experience with venison outside of a stew I made once. I've seen plenty of recipes on here for venison steaks; is it okay to use those, or is there a better recipe/technique specific to chops?

Meaghan F


pierino September 8, 2013
I agree with the suggestion for juniper berries but I would treat as a braised meat almost cacciatoria style. In Umbria where the word for deer would be "daino" they do it a number of ways of doing it which I think of as "daino-myte". Brown the chops first and go to work on your braise ingredients. In addition to the juniper berries I would suggest rosemary (in whole branches), porcini mushrooms and God, even black truffles. Tomato is optional but with venison I tend to avoid it. Without tomato you can even add prunes to it. Maybe a bit of port wine.
David September 8, 2013
I believe there is a good recipe on here for Venison chops.
Venison has virtually no fat and will dry out easily. Most people choose to eat it rare. If you want it more medium rare after searing turn your oven down quite low (200-225) and check often with your thermometer. Red wine reductions with black pepper, juniper berries, red and black fruits are common sauces.
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