What is the difference between a prawn and a shrimp?

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pierino December 30, 2011
As Sdebrango noted they are slightly different animals and size is only one component. In the cooking world the shrimp are designated by weight with terms like U10, U20 (meaning under ten per pound etc). Where I live I can buy big, live, local spot prawns (if you want to mess with them, heads and all). And then you get into things like langoustines and so on. The shrimp world is rather crowded.
sdebrango December 30, 2011
Prawns are larger, you get fewer in number per pound, and subsequently priced higher per unit. Also, much as prawns and shrimp are similar in taste, prawns are considered more of a delicacy because of their size.
I copied this from a website with information on prawns and shrimp. They are different creatures with a similar taste.
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