What's the best way to prepare lobster tails?

  • Posted by: Bodhi
  • December 30, 2011
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1 Comment

Sam1148 December 30, 2011
Thaw and grill them.
For 8-10oz tails. I'll do a few things.
Split them with kitchen shears to break the top of the shells and split them into halves. Baste with butter, lemon, soy sauce.
And grill. 3 mins meat side down on the grill..and 4 mins shell up.and re-baste with butter mix.
Other times I'll use kitchen shears to spit the top of the shell. and open them up a bit and put a skewer through the tail to keep it it from curling. Basing with butter, lemon while broiling or grilling.
Another tech is simply wrap them like a baked potato with the split top shell..with a foil with butter, lemon juice a touch of crushed garlic and touch of white wine/sherry/sake/vermouth, about 12 mins at 375 in the oven and a couple mins resting time. More/less depending on the size.
These all should be thoroughly defrosted at room temp for frozen tails.
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