Ginger bug for making ginger beer questions

I have a really nice ginger bug bubbling away on the counter ready to make ginger beer with. I know when we strain off the liquid for making the beer, I can start a new bug with a tsp of the remaining solids. But I was wondering what to do with the rest of them?

It's captured a really nice strain of yeast this time, so can I freeze a portion of the ginger bug solids for use in starting a new bug later (like we can sourdough starter)? Or is the yeast in a ginger bug likely to die in the freezer.

Also, is the yeast in a ginger bug any good for bread baking? I hate tossing out something that smells so yummy. What about using the bug sediment to start a sponge for making gingerbread?

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1 Comment

trampledbygeese March 16, 2013
Can I change this to urgent? The bug is ready to make the ginger beer this afternoon/tomorrow.
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