Ideas of what to do with leftover sauce from Osso Bucco

Made Osso Bucco for dinner last night,
Have a lot of sauce leftover. It is delicious and don't want to waste it.
Any ideas for using up the sauce.
I am thinking Eggs in Purgatory...

Lucia from Madison


Shalini January 3, 2012
Sounds incredibly delicious. We also eat the leftover sauce with plain, or butternut squash risotto. Really good!
Lucia F. January 1, 2012
Great suggestions. I used some of it for sauce for some beef and quinoa meatballs I made, My husband tasted them and liked them, I have yet to tell him about the quinoa!
I will probably use the rest for the Eggs in Purgatory. I love egg poached in tomato sauce!
Thanks for all the great ideas!
pierino January 1, 2012
Eggs in Purgatory is my signature dish (and also the name of my blog) so yeah, go with it. But serving the sauce directly over pasta with no other ingredients except perhaps grated parmigiano also sounds good. The bone marrow really adds richness and flavor.
Cannizzo January 1, 2012
Eggs in purgatory sounds delicious you could also make a risotto and use it as part of the liquid it would be a good side dish with steak
Tarragon January 1, 2012
Use it as a pasta sauce or mix with browned ground beef or veal, add peas or whatever you like, top with mashed potatoes and bake, for a sort of shepherds pie.
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