Best way to store parmesan

My wonderful sister gave me an obscene amount of parmesan for Christmas (like, half a wheel). Until recently, it's been in my fridge in the plastic packaging, but now that I've opened it, I want to make sure that I can keep it for as long as it lasts (which will be a long, long time at the rate I can use it). What is the best way that you've come across?

  • Posted by: Kanom
  • January 12, 2014


Michael January 12, 2014
Portion it out, vacuum package it and freeze it. It's a hard, low moisture cheese so the texture may get a little mealy, but you won't notice it. At least I don't. Don't just put it in freezer bags, though. The last thing you want is freezer burn. If you don't have a vacuum packager, I think I saw one at target the other day for thirty dollars; an investment that will save you hundreds.
Lindsay-Jean H. January 12, 2014
You might find this article helpful too!
Kanom January 12, 2014
oops, missed this similar thread, which has the answers I need:

Tho if anyone has more advice, pls feel free to weigh in!
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