Using up a truffle

My fiancé picked up some truffles (one black, one white) and I'm looking for more fun ways to use them. He uses them on eggs all the time, but what else? Something kind of special?

Kristy Mucci


Kristen M. January 6, 2012
I learned the coolest trick from my brother's friend, who was visiting from Paris. We put a nub of white truffle into a sealed bowl with a dozen eggs for 24 hours (in the fridge), then scrambled them. They were infused with truffle and amazing. Honestly liked it better than the bits we shaved on top, and it stretched further!
Kristy M. January 6, 2012
Kristen, that's genius!
bigpan January 6, 2012
I've used shaved truffle on top of a light pasta - spaghettini. I would simply use a good olive oil on the pasta with a light sprinkle of parma, romano, or asiago. Let the taste of the truffle dominate the pasta.
Miranda R. January 6, 2012
Clearly you have chosen wisely in the fiance department! Great score! I have prolonged the life of a white truffle that I was lucky enough to get by making truffle butter and freezing some (and using the rest pronto!) It's great on pasta, risotto, etc. Really absolutely anything that is a little bit bland so that the flavor and aroma of the truffles aren't masked. The truffles themselves are the special thing, so I would say chose something simple that you love, and gilt it with truffle shavings (and butter).
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