Best/favorite mushroom and/or truffle oils? or creams in a jar ( eg porcini cream). Does the answer depend on the use ( eggs, panini, risotto, pasta, salad) How does the underlying oil ( olive, grapeseed, safflower) affect the taste or utility? Black or white truffle oil? What is the right size bottle -- how long does it stay fragrant? Thanks!



pierino October 21, 2010
I'm going to politely disagree with Monsieur Palmer here. The truffle oils (imported from Italy or France) I buy do in fact include a tiny bit of truffle, maybe just a few flakes. The white truffle oil will be more expensive. They are sold in tiny bottles because they don't have a long shelf life once opened. There is no way you can synthetically replicate the fragrance of white truffle. I've said this before but they smell like the angels' gym socks. That's as close as I can get. Fantastic with risotto or pasta and some meats (I'm thinking veal). I don't have a specific brand to recommend.
Jon P. October 20, 2010
Most truffle oils don't have much of anything to do with truffles. I'd look hard at the ingredients before purchasing any of those.

My favorite cream in a jar is pistachio cream. The ones I have had are sweet and are great for combinations with the right fruit. The last one I had was purchased at and was quite delicious.
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