Preparing truffle risotto with black truffles shavings?

I purchased a jar of arborio rice with small shavings of black truffle from Borough Market without instructions as to how to prepare. I'm thinking I should prepare it as I would a regular risotto by toasting and coating the rice and truffle with olive oil, adding white wine & broth, but don't want to spoil those delicious truffle pieces! Would like to serve with chicken marsala with mushrooms. Thanks for any help.

  • Posted by: DeeDee
  • September 19, 2013


ChefJune September 20, 2013
I agree with Pierino about the truffle shavings in your rice. But you might get some truffle butter (see this link for options: ) to finish your risotto with. That might amp up the truffle flavor a bit without using the chemical-laden oil.
pierino September 19, 2013
If the rice already has truffle shavings in it there really is not going to be much truffle flavor. So prepare as you would any risotto. Most likely the truffle bits are summer truffles (estivi). I know this will be disappointing but unless you have a really nice fresh truffle---which should be hitting the markets soon---there is not much you can do. Truffle oil is most often synthetic and safe and aromatic but that's all. I'm sure dish made the usual way will be tasty anyway.
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