I want to make great, thin Thai roti. Anyone know a good source for the technique and recipe?

Amanda Hesser


calendargirl January 6, 2012

Amanda,if you go to the youtube site and type in "thai roti" you will find an astonishing slew of videos showing assorted Thai street vendors and their technique of making the little ball of dough into a thin sheet. A couple of them include recipes. I can see why you want to make these!
Panfusine January 6, 2012
The technique seems similar to that of making malabar porotta, Pauljoseph would be the person to ask..
boulangere January 6, 2012
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sdebrango January 6, 2012
Here is a cool website with recipe and pictures of how to do it.
Darlene C. January 6, 2012
Kasma Loha-unchit's Thai roti is fabulous. Each roti is ball is rolled paper thin, but they are swirled in a snail like manner before hitting the griddle. Very addictive!

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