How long can raw shrimp marinate in a lemon based marinade before its cooked?

  • Posted by: VLF
  • January 6, 2012


bugbitten January 8, 2012
VLF, these are good answers. I had a disaster a few years ago while following a recipe that called for lemon in a marinade for shrimp. I forgetfully left it for half an hour and the texture was mushy. I haven't marinaded anything except skirt steak since then, and I'm not sure why I bother with that. I think marinades were invented to make up for inferior ingredients, and are passé.
bigpan January 6, 2012
When it changes color, it is "cooked".
Angela @. January 6, 2012
Make sure you have plenty of oil to keep the citrus from cooking your shrimp. I never let fish sit in lemon unless I want to eat it "raw" (cerviche). Maybe use zest only in marinade. Consider squirting juice straight from the lemon over cooked shrimp just before serving or just before you cook the shrimp.
StinaP January 6, 2012
depending on the size of the shrimp, about 20 minutes.
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