A substitute for white wine for a non-drinker?

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ChefJune January 9, 2012
Yes, it depends upon what it is you're planning to make. For savory dishes, verjus might be an option. Or stock of some kind, or perhaps water?
ReneePussman January 8, 2012
If you are cooking with it why is the alcohol a problem? Most of the alcohol burns off/evaporates during cooking.
amysarah January 8, 2012
Actually, that's a common misconception. I know it comes up in this column a lot.

It depends on the cooking method/time cooked...e.g., a dish simmered 30 minutes retains 35% of the alcohol. That's can be quite significant for someone who truly cannot have alcohol (whether an alcoholic in recovery, due to medication interactions, whatever.)

Here's a chart that shows cooking-alcohol retention: http://www.ochef.com/165.htm
ReneePussman January 8, 2012
I'm aware of the actual burn off/evaporation. My point is that the amount of alcohol remaining is negligible especially of using wine.
inpatskitchen January 7, 2012
And there are a lot of alcohol free wines out there.....
inpatskitchen January 7, 2012
If it's a dessert, white grape juice might work, otherwise sdebrango's suggestion of chicken stock could be a good alternative.
java&foam January 7, 2012
i would give this a look...it offers substitutions for almost any alcohol when you're in a pinch.


HOWEVER, if you have some extra cash and want a more sophisticated option than just plain white grape juice...there are wineries that take grapes you would normally turn into wine (Riesling, Chardonnay, Muscat, etc...) and make flat or sparkling juices from them. They are great to serve at dinner parties for non-alcohol consuming guests...especially since they offer more depth of flavor more similar to the wines they would usually become. When I used to live in Seattle, i was very fond of Riesling grape juice (bottled in oregon) but you can't find them in stores...you have to order them online. My guess is that they would be able to provide a similar flavor to cooking without the alcohol. Below is a link to help you find varieties of both red and white grape juices from the different varietals...if you plan on cooking with non-alcoholic alternatives, it could be a more permanent solution.


I really hope this helps! Happy Cooking!
Frenchy's H. January 7, 2012
Thanks so much!

sdebrango January 7, 2012
What are you making? You can always use stock but it really depends on the recipe is it dessert or entree?
Frenchy's H. January 7, 2012
I meant for cooking of course.
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