I would like to make a tagine with baby turnips pumpkin and chickpeas. I have preserved lemons. Any ideas please?

  • Posted by: fhp
  • January 7, 2012


fongonfood January 8, 2012
Also like additions of dried apricots and figs...
bigpan January 8, 2012
Since starting to make my own preserved lemons and using my tagine, I am totally sold on anything with preserved lemon - even pizza with chicken works great. It appears you are making a vegan dish but you might consider adding some olives to give a nice different taste.
bugbitten January 7, 2012
No protein? The Moroccan tagine dishes I like to make are always lamb, chicken or fish, especially if you want to use the preserved lemons, but I do make a roasted pepper salad that uses them. Artichoke and roasted celery and carrots would go with your other ingredients, but that feels more to me like a couscous dish to me.
bugbitten January 7, 2012
to me.
susan G. January 8, 2012
Chick peas are the primary protein in this recipe.
fhp January 7, 2012
Hey Thank You. Funny Thing. I just started looking at this site and Pierino really grabbed my attention. FHP
susan G. January 7, 2012
Try this one. I liked it, and I added eggplant. I'm guessing that your turnips will fit right in.
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