How do you print it out? I don't see any print symbol & when I tryed to print it out it printed 3 pages worth with the words "Ask the hotline...

...about this ingredient" after every ingredient listed in the recipe. It created a very spaced out recipe. Thanks. B. Bros

Good Cook


ellenl January 7, 2012
There is a print icon to the left of the recipe. If you got all this stuff when you printed, then it means the site is screwed up yet again and you should email editors@food52. Maybe someone will see your question and fix ithe problem.
ellenl January 7, 2012
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Good C. January 7, 2012
I did highlight, copy, paste & e-mailed it to myself & I still got a spaced out recipe. After each ingredient listed it said "Ask the hotline about this ingredient" & after each step of the actual recipe it said "Ask the hotline about each step". I subscribe to many food & food magazines web sites & they all have a print button to print out a recipe. This site doesn't to the best of my knowledge.
Bevi January 7, 2012
Can you copy to a word document and then print that?
Bevi January 7, 2012
Hi. I wish I could help you. It sounds like technical site question.
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