Do tamales and tortillas start from the same masa flour? Planning to make some for first time tomorrow.

  • Posted by: jwlucas
  • January 7, 2012


jwlucas January 8, 2012
Thank you
jwlucas January 8, 2012
I should have been more clear. I will be making tamales today. I have masa I've used previously to make tortillas. Is this the same flour I need for tamales?
Jain S. January 8, 2012

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malenastamales January 8, 2012
When you make Tamales, you'll need to include a fat source (i.e. lard, shortening, oil, etc.). Corn tortillas don't have any fat, it's stritcly corn flour, water, salt to taste. Maseca is the recommended brand for corn flour. To add to Chef KC's recommendation, I like to roll balls of dough, grab some saran wrap, tuck the dough ball in between the saran wrap then place into the tortilla press or use the frying pan. The plastic allows for easy clean up.
Chef K. January 8, 2012
Yes, as long as u know you will be making corn tortillas, and if you don't have a tortilla press you can use a frying pan to flatten them, because a thick corn tortilla just isn't that great, speaking from experience ;p
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