Is buttermilk an OK substitute for sour milk in a recipe? I need a cup of the former and I'd hate to sour some perfectly good milk when there is a carton of buttermilk sitting idle right beside it.



phyllis September 7, 2010
To make sour milk, add a tbsp or two to the milk in the recipe and stir. Let sit for a few minutes.
drbabs September 7, 2010
Here's a link that explains when you can and can't substitute:
cheese1227 September 7, 2010
Too funny. That is the same recipe I made. I ran with it yesterday, but was wondering if it was just fine for that recipe or if it's a fine substitution in general.
drbabs September 7, 2010
I was in the same situation when I last made Kelsey's chocolate cake, which calls for sour milk. I used the buttermilk, and the cake came out just fine.
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