I curdled my mayonnaise

Lisa McClintock


luvcookbooks April 3, 2014
It's so sad when mayo curdles. I've had luck with the rescue operations described above. Even if you have to throw it out and start over, the finished product is magnificent and it's worth it.
Jill April 3, 2014
I had the same problem a few times, but learned after watching a Martha Stewart video that you can save it. It usually occurs because you either added the oil too fast, or too much oil. It said the start at the beginning again with the yolks or whole eggs, add lemon juice (or vinegar), a little salt, sugar, yellow ground mustard powder, and then VERY SLOWLY add this to the new egg mixture. It will slowly thicken up, then add a little extra oil (about half called for in the recipe) and SLOWLY add that. I tried it, it worked, and I am happy that I didn't have to throw it all out!
Greenstuff January 9, 2012
That could work too. It is possible to save a mayonnaise, but sometimes it's better to admit defeat and move on.
Chef K. January 9, 2012
The prior answers have no real accuracy to them, sadly your best bet is scraping it and starting over
Greenstuff January 8, 2012
I'd do the opposite with the egg yolk. Whisk it, then slowly add the curdled mayo until you have a consistency you like.
maw January 8, 2012
Beat an egg yolk separately and add it to the may one drop at a time while beating the may until smooth. Or boil a tablespoon of water and add just enough to get desired consistency while beating the mayo. Good luck
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