A question about a recipe: Oven barbecued pork

I picked up a pork butt at the market today, thinking I'd braise it with cider. Then I realized I had all the ingredients for the oven bbq'd pork. However, my butt is boneless (yikes, that sounds awful) and only 3 lbs - the recipe calls for bone-in, 5-6 lbs.

Any ideas for adjusting the timing of the ascending oven temps accordingly? I've already done the rub - no turning back now.

(Not sure why, but the words I type in the text box are appearing in the question title box...)

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1 Comment

Nozlee S. February 13, 2012
Internal temperature would be the best way to tell when your pork is done. Between 145 and 160 degrees is considered safely cooked for pork (and remember that it will continue cooking for a while after the meat is removed from the oven). You should insert your thermometer at the thickest portion of the meat to gauge its temperature.

As far as cooking times, I would start testing early! Bone-in meat takes much longer to cook than boneless meat because it provides a buffer to the heat.
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