Does anyone know any decent resources for cooking/baking with protein powders? I've found's recipes unimpressive.

Any resources, etc., would be appreciated.



Susan W. April 14, 2016
A friend of mine that I've done the Portland marathon with found this last year. She's made some really delicious things from the list. More the savory items not the desserts.
Caroline B. April 14, 2016
jazzythings - her instagram and she has e books, uses a decent amount of protein powder.
ChefJune April 14, 2016
I wasn't aware they were meant to be cooked or baked with. Why do you want to do that? Not sure what you are trying to achieve.
Mrs B. April 14, 2016
You do this to get a lot of protein into a baked bar or cookie, to make healthier and more cost effective breakfast and energy bars, etc. Also, I had some protein powder (used for post-workout breakfast shakes) that was just too sweet tasting, even with cocoa powder stirred in, so I wanted to use it up not in shakes.
ChefJune April 14, 2016
Thanks, Mrs. BP.
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