What to make with canned almond paste? Have plenty recipes for tubes of almond paste but I'm guessing they're not the same thing.

Canned almond paste such as ones sold under the Solo brand next to poppyseed paste and such. Tubes of almond paste are the traditional european ones such as Odense (not marzipan).



DessertByCandy January 11, 2012
Thanks everyone for your great tips! I'll start exploring with the brand's recipe and go from there. Though the pignoli sounds very tempting.
aargersi January 11, 2012
I have use the canned paste to make these several times - they are amazing!


cranberry January 11, 2012
Solo has an almond cake recipe on their website that is really good. I also use Solo almond as a filling in rolled coffee cakes. Or almond bars. Lots of delish baking to be done with almond paste.
Julia C. January 10, 2012
Not the same as marzipan. Make almond horns!!!!
nutcakes January 10, 2012
I think they are the same. I have both in the house and they have virtually identical composition of almonds and sugar (though the Odense states 45% almonds.) I've only used the Solo so far-- used it in an almond-aprocot pastry bar cookie.
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