Peeling shallots

Does anyone have a tricks for peeling shallots? I find myself soooo frustrated when I am in a hurry and trying to peel that paper thin layer of external peel from the shallot. Onions I don't seem to have the same issue with.



Chef K. January 10, 2012
I always just try to buy the biggest shallots that I can find so that I can just peel off the first inside layer, shallots are just kinda a pain.
Author Comment
Drop the shallots in a pan of water while peeling them, the water tends to soak into the papery peel & helps peel it off easily.
Panfusine January 10, 2012
(wonder why I show up as WFM customer on Food52 when I've logged into the WFM site as Panfusine)
MTMitchell January 10, 2012
That drives me nuts. I'm lazy and I cut through the first layer and peel it and the skin off. I know it's wasteful keeps me shallot sane!
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